Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage

The Lymphatic Circulation role in the body is for transport of body waste. If there are faults in the system due to unhealthy lifestyle, our inner world goes crazy. Lack of exercise cause also hinders the lymphatic circulation, poor blood circulation and poor lymphatic drainage in particular. Thus the body accumulate more and more water, the cells degenerate, the skin is aging which is leading to the development of cellulite by swollen fat cells.

Importance of proper lymphatic drainage goes far beyond its role of sewage disposal. Lymph also acts as a filter for tissues: destroy bacteria and toxins using white blood cells located in the lymph nodes. Therefore, the lymphatic system is considered as a guardian of the health of the body.


It’s consisted from a pressing massage, which acts on the chain of lymph nodes. It is a therapy that proposes to remove all toxins from the body unassimilated during cell synthesis. Reduced lymphatic drainage and blood circulation causes accumulation of fat, the connective tissue loses its elasticity, thus appearing skin imperfections and uneven . To optimize lymphatic drainage is necessary for muscles to contract, the connective tissue to be firm, providing a high degree of compression.

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  • strengthen the immune system by stimulation of lymph nodes
  • energize lymph circulation in the inter-cellular spaces
  • acceleration of lymph flow and rapid elimination of toxic wastes
  • training the toxins that blocks the physiological processes
  • increasing nutrients exchange and eliminate toxins from the body
  • easing the transport of fatty acids and cholesterol
  • strengthening through massage the lymphatic current