Bamboo Massage

Bamboo Massage

This revolutionary massage is two times more efficient than traditional massage because it helps reduce cellulite and tones muscles, lifts buttocks, restores skin elasticity, stimulates the lymphatic system and improves blood circulation.


Look better, feel great

Bamboo massage therapy helps you look better, feel better, and is truly revitalizing for the soul and psyche. Stress and environmental factors have left their mark on your body, consuming your energy tank, exacerbating fatigue and accelerating skin aging. Modern use of this therapy helps you relax and combat the exhaustion that prevents you from functioning optimally. Try it and enjoy the new and relaxing massage that creates a perfect balance between body and psyche. You will leave smiling, and deeply relaxed.

How it works

Bamboo cane is specially smooth, and various sizes are used for massaging different parts of the body. Techniques applied involve rotation – sliding bamboo cane over muscles with rolling wrist movements. The therapist performs movements with varying pressure, relaxing muscles and toning skin tissues. When the movements are done, the surface is drained, and toxins are removed. Bamboo massage therapy can be applied all over the body or on certain isolated parts of the body – the lumbar, thorax, the soles of your feet, and upper or lower limbs – also highly appreciated is a facial massage with bamboo sticks.

bamboo thumb


The benefits of bamboo massage therapy:

  • Fights cellulite.
  • Tones muscles.
  • Stimulates lymphatic system and circulation.
  • Detoxifies organs.
  • Greater body harmony.
  • Reduces tiredness.
  • Releases, relaxes muscle tension.